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Margaret is a writer from Texas. She received her BFA in Theatre from Tisch School of the Arts at New York University and her MFA in Playwriting from Trinity College Dublin. Her radio play “Nothing and No One Go To The Moon” was featured on RTE Radio Drama. She co-wrote the documentary “Dress A Cow” which premiered at South By Southwest 2022. Her short film “Animal” is in post-production in Los Angeles. She lives in Louisville with her husband, Stephen, and her dog, Rosie.


Abby Koenig has spent many years around theater. She received her BFA in Dramatic Writing from SUNY Purchase in NY. Several of her plays have been produced in Houston, TX and NYC. This is her first stab at directing. Additionally, she holds a PhD in Technical Communication and Rhetoric from Texas Tech. She teaches communication at U of L. She spends her time hanging out with her husband and her twin boys.


Heather is a singer, songwriter, and folk musician from Louisville, Kentucky. She grew up with her grandpa on a houseboat at Dale Hollow Lake and with her adopted family in Columbia, Kentucky. Her songs often feature lyrical content from these inspiring times in her life. Storytelling through her song, she takes her listener by the hand, where they may find themselves walking down a wooded path by a winding stream and blooming bluebells.


[IN]FERTILITY is a journey through past and present, as Margaret Miller details her pilgrimage into the world of fertility treatment. The play opens on a woman sitting in an OB-GYN office waiting for news—good or bad, we don’t know. Through a series of scenes that take place in different rooms of the doctor’s office, Miller’s story unfolds. As she chronicles her past, Miller and the audience are left to contemplate the shifting & overlapping roles of a woman’s body: Is she a sexual object? Or is she a potential mother? Can she be both? Told with Miller’s unique ability to mix heartache with humor, she weaves her personal history into her current situation, a relatable struggle with infertility that thousands of families go through each year.

Miller’s words will be complimented by Louisville-based singer/songwriter, Heather Summers (The Other Years), a staple of the Louisville folk scene who regularly plays alongside such hitmakers as Will Oldham. Summers will debut original songs as well as revisit old standards as she transforms into something of a Blue Grass Greek Chorus, weaving music through the themes of love and loss.

Director Abby Koenig (Playwright/Director of various productions in Houston, TX and NYC), who has been working alongside Miller during the development process notes that, “[IN]FERTILITY is not just a play about pregnancy struggles, although that is a huge part. But moreover, it is a play about figuring out your worth as a woman—something I think women all struggle to figure out as we age.”

Miller has received a BFA in Theatre from NYU and a MFA in Playwriting from Trinity College Dublin, most recent work - the short documentary “Dress A Cow” recently premiered at South by Southwest Film and Music Festival. Additionally, her short film “Animal” will premiere in the fall of 2022.

“When my body was seemingly failing me in this crucial way - what I found interesting was my instinct that I was atoning for something, that I didn’t actually have the moral composition of a mother,” says Miller, “I needed a moment to do the deep work of forgiving myself - to look at my past not as something I owe a debt on.”

She continues “I feel like women are hurried through the mourning that occurs with infertility and pregnancy loss. I know I hurried myself. We feel it’s indulgent to wallow too long. So I decided to wallow as much as possible by writing a play about it. This is a love song to a precise and precious moment in my life.”

Behind the scenes, Louisville theatergoers will recognize names such as Kathryn Spivey (Stage Designer), Colton Bachinski (Lighting Design), and Jaycee Padilla (Stage Manager) and Katy Hopkins (Dramaturg). [IN]FERTILITY is produced by Zachary Meicher-Buzzi (Actors Theatre of Louisville).